Screening date:10/12/2009 -- 20h00
Si eux se taisent,les pierres crieront

Voices are heard, which attempt to oppose a different way of being to the repetitive patterns oppressor-oppressed, occupier-occupied.

Country: France
Year: 2004
Production: Fondation Un monde par Tous - Line Granade - Tél : +33 4 66 64 14 05
Director: Bernard Mounier
Cinematography: Christian Ayesten
Editing: Françoise Morilla
Sound: Christian Ayesten
With : Oren Medicks, Stéphane Hessel,Christiane Hessel, Marie-Claude Tjibaou, Sonia Fayman, François Roux
DV cam - 20'

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Born in France in 1955, he founded the production company Acor Vidéo Télévision in 1987. Multimedia consultant with UNO and several television corporations. Producer and director for France 2 and TF1, for special broadcasts and news reports. Director of institutional films.

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