Screening date:06/12/2009 -- 17h15
All That Remains

Palestinian Arab Bedouins once peopled the entire Naqab (Negev) Desert, a region which accounts for 60% of historic Palestine. Today, they are living in one of 46 "unrecognized villages" lacking water, electricity, schools, roads or medical services. The film explores the struggle of these Bedouins of the Naqab against Israeli policies that aim to strip them of their land and their way of life.

Country: Israel/Palestine
Production: I'lam Media Center for Arab Palestinians in Israel
Year: 2005
Director: Nada El-Yassir
Editing: Nada El-Yassir
Cinematography: Lara Zoabi
Music: Husam Zaher
Sound: Ussama Bawardi, Loai Abu Sinneh
Graphics: Khalil Kasabri
Dvcam    color    52 min

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Nada El-Yassir is a scientist turned filmmaker. After leaving the field of Neurophysiology she went back to the university to study cinema and trained as an editor with one of Canada's best documentary editors, Cathy Gulkin.  She has worked as a writer, director and editor since then.  She presently lives in Nazareth.

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