Screening date:03/12/2009 -- 17h15
Jerusalem, The East Side Story

A description of Israel's policy of confiscation within Jerusalem. The daily life of the inhabitants of East Jerusalem threatened by confiscation of their land and destruction of their possessions. The vital importance of the city: Jerusalem is the key to peace; without Jerusalem, there will be no peace for anyone.

Country: Palestine
Year: 2008
Production: PARC - Ramallah Arsal Street - TÚl : +972 598179774
DistributionPlateforme des ONG franšaises pour la Palestine - TÚl : +331 40 36 41 46 - website
Director: Mohammed Alatar
Cinematography: Adel Abdulqader
Editing:  Emad Ahmad
Music:  Fairouz, Mahmoud Yaseen
Sound: Walter New
Beta SP - 56'

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Born in Jordan in 1962, a Palestinian-American director, he lives between Houston and Ramallah. His activism for human rights led to his nomination in 2002 for the prestigious Martin Luther King award in the USA. Founder and director of the Palestinians for Peace and Democracy (P4PD). His first documentary, The Iron Wall, has become a reference to anyone interested in the situation in the Palestinian territories.

2005 - The Iron Wall

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